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Hey there! Cryptopups is the first official pup collection in the entire blockchain featuring original breeds from reality on WAX blockchain. Is Cryptopups a part of something else? Yes, cryptopuppyz is a part of a bigger scheme called The CryptoPets which will be a play to earn game soon with rewards for staking, breeding and possibly battling! What can you do with these Pups? Well, I’d you want a list of Utility for these cute pups…. Here you go 1. Blending to higher rarity NFTs (blend here) 2. Exciting limited edition packs (buy here) 3. 3D pups are vIRLs (Claim 3D Packs here) 4. Stake for $KASU tokens(Dec 2021) 5. Breed new cute pups or get rewards(Dec 2021) 6. Watch t... Read more...

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